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Coheed & Cambria Rig Rundown

Premier Guitar’s Rebecca Dirks catches up with Claudio Sanchez’s guitar tech and Travis Stever for a run-through of the guitars, amps, and effects Coheed & Cambria are using on tour.

Oh, and Gibson Explorer. Coolest. Guitar. Ever.

Maybe I Shouldn’t Be Saying That

Premier Guitar Rig Rundown with Scott Ian

The lovely Rebecca Dirks of Premier Guitar catches up with Anthrax guitarist and founder Scott Ian to get a run-through of his rig and the stable of guitars he’s currently playing through in concert. But I’m sorry, how many guitars can he have to have lost track of one for over 20 years?!


If I wasn’t me on stage playing, I’d be out there watching that guy.

The Notes Go Right Into Your Heart

Paul Gilbert runs through his rig for Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar runs through Billy Sheehan’s bass rig

It’s time for another rig rundown with Premier Guitar. This time, in lieu of having their techs go through their rigs, Mr. Big shred-meisters Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan discuss their guitars, amps and effects themselves, all the while displaying how genuinely nice and down-to-earth they both are. No rockstar egos here, boys and girls. The only question I have is … where’s Rebecca?!


Runnin’ Down A Dream

John Petrucci’s Rig Rundown

Rundown of John Myung’s Rig

The gear geeks over at Premier Guitar have done it again, bringing us rig rundowns for the Johns of Dream Theater. Rebecca Dirks runs through the guitars, effects, amps, and setups for bassist John Myung and guitarist John Petrucci with their techs John Zocco and Maddi Schieferstein.

Remember, kids, you gotta put on a rack show. Oh, and the square root of evil is 25.80697580112788.


It’s Guitar Player Science, So It Sorta Works

Billy Gibbons’ gear rundown with Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar's Rebecca Dirks gets the low-down on Billy Gibbons' rig with guitar tech Elwood Francis. This gear rundown takes us through Billy's guitars, effects, and amp settings. The biggest revelation of the entire video? Billy uses really skinny strings. 007's to be exact. The Dunlop Billy Gibbons signature Rev. Willy’s Mexican Lottery Brand .007’s to be even more exact. .007’s?! And according to Francis, he’s never broken a string during his tenure as Billy’s tech. Wow.


Premier Guitar's Rebecca Dirks runs through Alex Lifeson's gear with his guitar tech Scott Appleton on Rush's recent stop on the Time Machine tour at Chicago’s United Center.