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Flying Colors - “A Place in Your World” (Second Nature, 2014)

Flying Colors - Second Nature (2014)

Transatlantic - “Black As The Sky” (KaLIVEoscope DVD, 2014)

Flying Colors - “Mask Machine” (Second Nature, 2014)

Transatlantic - “Shine” (from the forthcoming album Kaleidoscope)

I simply love Neal Morse’s voice.

"The Storm" performance clip from the upcoming Flying Colors release Live in Europe.

So much talent on one stage…

Played 9 times

Transatlantic - “Bridge Across Forever” (Bridge Across Forever)

Neal Morse and band performs “Momentum” in this Live Momentum DVD promo

Neal has put together a stellar band for this outing. I always love just about anything Mike Portnoy does, but the real surprise for me is guitarist Adson Sodré. The guy is a monster on guitar!

East Looks Bleak And West Looks Black

Neal Morse - “Weathering Sky”

OK, so sometimes Neal Morse’s videos leave a little to be desired. But who cares when the music is so good?