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Flying Colors - “Mask Machine” (Second Nature, 2014)

Transatlantic - “Shine” (from the forthcoming album Kaleidoscope)

I simply love Neal Morse’s voice.

"The Storm" performance clip from the upcoming Flying Colors release Live in Europe.

So much talent on one stage…

Played 9 times

Transatlantic - “Bridge Across Forever” (Bridge Across Forever)

Neal Morse and band performs “Momentum” in this Live Momentum DVD promo

Neal has put together a stellar band for this outing. I always love just about anything Mike Portnoy does, but the real surprise for me is guitarist Adson Sodré. The guy is a monster on guitar!

East Looks Bleak And West Looks Black

Neal Morse - “Weathering Sky”

OK, so sometimes Neal Morse’s videos leave a little to be desired. But who cares when the music is so good?

Flying Colors performs “Infinite Fire” at Alcatraz in Milan, Italy on 9/13/2012

What’s Going On Here Tonight?!

Flying Colors pre-show chat with Noisecreep

Supergroup Flying Colors sat down with AOL’s Noisecreep for an exclusive interview backstage prior to their first ever show together on Tuesday, September 4 at the James Armstrong Theater in Torrance, CA. They discussed the setlist, the fans’ reactions to the album, the writing and recording process, and how it compares to their other work. Read Noisecreep’s short concert review after checking out the video.

And if you haven’t picked up the Flying Colors debut yet, what are you waiting for?!

Tomorrow Soon Will Be Your Yesterday

Neal Morse - “Momentum” (Single Edit)

OK, so apparently every song on Neal Morse’s new album Momentum is going to be as good as "Thoughts Part 5." And as the video implies, Paul Gilbert does indeed appear for a blistering solo. Nice!

However, I have two questions that need answering. How did I miss this video when it was released back in July? And what exactly am I missing in the 2:13 that was cut from the album version of this song?


Now I Don’t Think Anything At All

Neal Morse - “Thoughts Part 5” with studio footage

Multi-instrumentalist—and in my humble opinion, musical genius—Neal Morse has released a video, complete with “making of”-style studio footage, for the song “Thoughts Part 5” from his upcoming release Momentum. Appearing in the video are long-time collaborators Randy George on bass and former Dream Theater skin beater Mike Portnoy, who has also worked with Morse in the side projects Transatlantic and Flying Colors. New touring band member Eric Gillette also appears after Morse decided to redo certain vocal sections of the song during the process of mixing the album.

Naturally, “Thoughts Part 5” bears a resemblance stylistically to its predecessors “Thoughts” and “Thoughts (Part II)” from Morse’s former band Spock’s Beard (from the albums Beware of Darkness and V, respectively, just in case you’re interested), actually recalling portions of those songs in the opening section. When asked during a recent interview why the song bears the “Part 5” moniker—seeing as parts 3 and 4 don’t exist—Morse stated, “Just to be weird. We like to be weird.” He further explained that he and Randy George had actually written Part 3 for this album but renamed it when he discovered that Spock’s Beard planned to include a “Thoughts Part 3”—portions of which Neal actually wrote late last year with brother and Beard co-founder Alan Morse—on its upcoming album due this fall.

All I can say after watching this—after I pick my jaw up off the floor—is, “Whoa! Impressive!” If the rest of the album is anything like this, I will buy it immediately when it becomes available.