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The Hold Steady performs live in the KEXP studio on July 18, 2014

Here’s a nice little acoustic set by everyone’s favorite talk-singing indie-alt band The Hold Steady, featuring one of Memphis’ favorite sons Steve Selvidge on guitar.

A reunited Nickel Creek performs “Destination” for WNYC’s Soundcheck

The song is a track from their new album A Dotted Line, the first in nine long years.

Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst and Davros cover A-ha’s “Take on Me” during their Golden Ticket pre-show set at the Borderline gig on March 22, 2014 in London

Bob Mould performs “See A Little Light” from Workbook on the Late Show with David Letterman

John Roderick performs The Long Winters’ “Scared Straight” live at the KEXP studio as part of the 15th anniversary of Barsuk Records

This acoustic rendition gives the song a bit of a different feel. And it sounds similar to Nada Surf in places.

Coheed and Cambria perform “A Favor House Atlantic” on DIRECTV’s Guitar Center Sessions

Cheap Trick perform “Dream Police” on DIRECTV’s Guitar Center Sessions

Not the best performance, and they definitely seem to be phoning it in a bit, but what would you do if you’ve been performing the same songs for 30+ years?!

So, who cares? I love this song. And besides…

12-string bass!

Queens of the Stone Age perform “Go with the Flow” at Armoury Studios in Vancouver for CFOX 99.3 The Fox’s Uninvited Guest series

Coheed and Cambria perform “Welcome Home” on DIRECTV’s Guitar Center Sessions

Behind the scenes of the Queens of the Stone Age Austin City Limits performance

Looks like it was a good time…

Queens of the Stone Age perform “I Sat by the Ocean” at Armoury Studios in Vancouver for CFOX 99.3 The Fox’s Uninvited Guest series

Do you know who you really are?
Are you sure it’s really you?

You’d think John Theodore would be bored out of his skull playing the egg back there, but he’s just groovin’ along.

King’s X performs on Hangin’ with MTV in 1992

Great unearthed footage (a digitized VHS copy no less!) of King’s X performing acoustic versions of “Black Flag” and “Over My Head” as VJ John Norris repeatedly refers to the band as Black Flag (in all fairness to Norris, it really did appear to be a simple slip-up that was difficult not to repeat once he had said it).

Scorpions perform “In Trance” for MTV Unplugged

The Scorpions filmed three live acoustic shows at the Lycabettus Theatre in Athens, Greece in September 2013 for an upcoming MTV Unplugged CD/DVD release. Here frontman Klaus Meine shares the stage with German artist Cäthe for the title track of In Trance.

Klaus’ voice still seems incredibly strong for 65, especially when you realize he is more than twice Cäthe’s age.

Something Somewhere Has to Break

The Police perform “Synchronicity II” at the Omni in Atlanta in 1983 on the Synchronicity tour

As I was sitting at a near standstill on I-40 on my way into work today, the absurdity of my 45-minute-plus one-way daily commute and mundane workday suddenly hit me, and all I could think of were these lyrics from the Police’s “Synchronicity II”:

Another working day has ended
Only the rush hour hell to face
Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes
Contestants in a suicidal race

Complaining about my current work situation aside, this is one of my favorite Police tunes—latter day Police anyway—with an edge and aggression not found on the rest of the Synchronicity album. I searched high and low for a clip of the original post-apocalyptic video with its Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome feel and Sting & Company precariously perched atop piles of junk, but I had to settle for the performance from the November 2, 1983 show at the Omni in Atlanta during the Synchronicity tour.

Great song, and generally great performances. Here are a few other takes on it. Enjoy!

The “Andy Summers cam” angle of the same performance

Live in Oakland, CA in 1983

Slower, jazzy live version from The Police Reunion Tour at the Tokyo Dome in February 2008

Owen James performs a cover of “Synchronicity II” for Ont’ Sofa Sessions

10/30/2013 Update

A certain rock ’n’ roll snob was able to track down the original video for me. Thanks, Jay!

The Police - Synchronocity II

Queens of the Stone Age perform “My God Is the Sun” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!