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Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst and Davros cover A-ha’s “Take on Me” during their Golden Ticket pre-show set at the Borderline gig on March 22, 2014 in London

Paul Gilbert combines his three favorite British things—Zeppelin, Sabbath, and… the Spice Girls?!—in this Ibanez guitar clinic performance of “3 Become 1,” a cover of his own Spice Girls cover

I love Paul Gilbert.

Here’s another take on the same song from a clinic in Malaysia:

Eureka Machines covers David Bowie’s “Heroes”

From the Remain in Hope PledgeMusic campaign site:

During our Pledge campaign, superfan Lee pledged for us to do a cover of one of his (and our) favourite songs, ‘Heroes’, by David Bowie (thanks Lee). We’ve souped it up a bit and overlayed it with a video retrospective of the year with our pals at AshTV. Here it is.

6-year-old Avery Molek pounds out Rush’s “Fly By Night”

Apparently this kid isn’t intimidated to try to put his spin on the work of some of the best rock drummers around. The last time we checked in on him, he had just released his interpretation of Alex Van Halen’s work on “Hot for Teacher.”

Jars of Clay covers Talking Heads’ “Road to Nowhere” for the NoiseTrade Eastside Manor Sessions

Favorite YouTube comment so far?

I hope you know that mustache is this generation’s version of 1990’s Hammer pants

Don’t Give Yourself Away

Frightened Rabbit offers up an acoustic cover of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” for A.V. Undercover 2013

OK, I must be experiencing a touch of Old Man Syndrome, or maybe I’ve been living under a rock for a few months, but I didn’t realize the A.V. Club’s A.V. Undercover had started up for 2013. Add to that the fact that I’ve never heard of most of the artists they have invited to perform so far, and I feel like I need to be yelling at some kid somewhere to pull up his damn pants.

There have been 16 songs covered as of today—everything from The Supremes and the Faces to Radiohead and Weezer, and just about everything in-between, and quite a bit left to choose from that looks pretty interesting. Gone is the round room (boo!), but never fear, 2013 is sure to bring us a few hits, a lot of misses, more than a couple of ironic covers, and more hipster facial hair, greasy-disheveled-bed-head hairdos, trucker caps, and I-really-spent-hours-picking-out-what-I’m-wearing-but-I-want-you-to-think-I-really-don’t-care outfits than you can shake a stick at.

Early in the series, the brothers Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit (one of those bands I’ve heard of but have had absolutely no exposure to) thankfully passed over Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” to bring us their take on Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” (with a nod to Robin Zander’s At Budokan introduction), an acoustic, low-key version that is just different enough from the original to breath a little new life into it.



Of course I’m talking about me. She’s awesome.