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Foo Fighters perform Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” with Zac Brown on the Late Show with David Letterman

Wye Oak covers Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” for A.V. Undercover 2014

I love the original (and I love Placebo’s take on it almost as much), and while I can’t say I’m crazy about Jenn Wasner’s voice (or her neck movements, or the faces she pulls as she sings, or the fact that their version really doesn’t go anywhere interesting), I do dig her distorted bass in the middle.

As a certain rock ‘n’ roll snob says, enjoy (or don’t).

Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst and Davros cover A-ha’s “Take on Me” during their Golden Ticket pre-show set at the Borderline gig on March 22, 2014 in London

Paul Gilbert combines his three favorite British things—Zeppelin, Sabbath, and… the Spice Girls?!—in this Ibanez guitar clinic performance of “3 Become 1,” a cover of his own Spice Girls cover

I love Paul Gilbert.

Here’s another take on the same song from a clinic in Malaysia:

Eureka Machines covers David Bowie’s “Heroes”

From the Remain in Hope PledgeMusic campaign site:

During our Pledge campaign, superfan Lee pledged for us to do a cover of one of his (and our) favourite songs, ‘Heroes’, by David Bowie (thanks Lee). We’ve souped it up a bit and overlayed it with a video retrospective of the year with our pals at AshTV. Here it is.