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Hey! Hello! - “Lock for Rock (and Other Sporting Clichés)” (Hey! Hello!!!, 2013)

Say whatever you wanna say, or say nothin’
Either way a cliche is a cliche

We’re outta here, they said
We’re off to somewhere else instead
We’ve seen enough, we’re wasting time
You’ve gone too far to change our mind

They said, We’re outta here
We need a better atmosphere
When you run out of stuff to buy
Someday you’ll wish that you could fly

Hey! Hello! - “We’re Outta Here” (Hey! Hello!!!, 2013)

Hey! Hello! - “Swimwear” (2013, Hey! Hello!)

If I say I’m breakin’
If I break on through
Then it’s only ‘cause I wanted it more than you

Hey! Hello! - “Feral Days” (Hey! Hello!, 2013)

Hey, it’s OK
Not all days can be beautiful days

Here’s yet another reason to make a pledge for Ginger’s Hey! Hello! project with Victoria Liedtke.

Wake Me When It’s Over

For the second consecutive year, Ginger Wildheart is sharing a Valentine’s Day gift with the world. This time it’s the appropriately-named “Black Valentine,” the first track from his Hey! Hello! project with Victoria Liedtke. Initially offered as a freebie add-on for pledgers of his Mutation project, Hey! Hello! has garnered so much response from fans that Ginger is now considering offering it as a commercial release on physical media as well as all the usual digital download outlets.

Have a listen, and if you like what you hear, encourage Ginger to release the Hey! Hello! album as a stand-alone project. Then visit the Bandcamp site for your free download. Enjoy!

Hey, it’s OK
Not all days can be beautiful days
Hey! Hello! - “Feral Days” (Hey! Hello!, 2013)

One Billion Percent More Guitar Riffs

Hot on the heels of his wildly successful 3-disc 555% PledgeMusic project, Ginger has announced two new projects, also exclusively available on PledgeMusic — Mutation and Hey! Hello!

Mutation promises to be an ultra-heavy, riff-laden project with many guest appearances. The first album Mutation: The Frankenstein Effect was recorded in early 2011 but was set aside until now, I would assume due to lack of funds. Recording for a second album, as yet unnamed, began in May 2012 and will continue over the upcoming months.

Hey! Hello! is a new noise-pop project with Victoria Liedtke, who was also a part of the 555% project. Ginger will play guitar, bass, and drums on the album and will share the vocal duties. Victoria is currently recording her vocals, and the album should be mixed and mastered by November. Here’s what Ginger has to say about this one:

Expect big choruses, big (noisy) guitars and big smiles.

Big smiles indeed if Victoria’s contribution to this is anything like her work on 555%. And just like with his last PledgeMusic effort, Ginger reached the goal for this project in only 2 hours, and at this time, it is at almost 350% of its target. It should be interesting to see how high this one goes.

All albums from both projects are exclusive to this PledgeMusic campaign, and there are several different package options for each project, so go make your pledge today.

Carla Mundy captured some excellent shots of Ginger Wildheart & Friends performing at the 2012 Download Festival on 6/9/2012

Photos ©2012, Carla Mundy Photography