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CJ Wildheart - “Down the Drain” (Mable, 2014)

Eureka Machines live at Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England on Sunday April 7, 2013

Photos © 2013 Russ Tierney for The Midlands Rocks

Eureka Machines have been and will be supporting The Wildhearts for a short run of shows (additional dates have been announced for June) celebrating the 20th anniversary of Earth vs. the Wildhearts. Read Russ’ full review of the Wulfrun show, and view the entire photoset on Flickr. While you’re there, also check out his photos of the Wildhearts show.

The Wildhearts - “I Wanna Go Where The People Go” (P.H.U.Q., 1995)

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The Wildhearts - “29 X The Pain” (Suckerpunch [EP])

Here sitting in my room
With the Replacements and Hüsker Dü
Like a rebel without a clue
And the Beatles and the Stones
Get to hang out with Ramones
And the Pistols shunning fame
As they sing the old refrain
As they always will again
Like 29 times the pain

I see Starz
And the mood is Big and Black
Well there’s a full Sheer Heart Attack
But the Cheapest Trick of all
Is when I hear that London Called
I need something and I need it fast
I need Jason Scorching past
I need to feel they feel the same
‘cause when they almost know my name

It’s like 29 times the pain, times the pain
29 times the pain, times the pain
29 times the pain, times the pain
Times the pain
But it all ends up the same

Thanks Pink

Kiss my Heart
Like the Damned did from the start
Come on make me feel like me

Give me old, give me new
Let me know you feel it too
‘cause with sounds that twist and curls
It’s a brave new world

I’m up, how can I get down,
When I’ve got all my friends around?
And I can be there once again
Oh God, I miss Kurt Cobain

It’s like 29 times the pain, times the pain
29 times the pain, times the pain
29 times the pain, times the pain
Times the pain (And all the gaps in all the gain)
Times the pain (Tomorrow always cries my name)
Times the pain (It makes it all worthwhile again)

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The Wildhearts - “Under The Waves” (Chutzpah! Jnr.)

The dream is not a dream no more
Just spent desires upon the floor
With tired intent you stand your ground
It opens up and takes you down

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The Wildhearts - “It's All Up To Me” (The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed)

They say the harder they come
They say the harder they fall
This one’s hard as a hand grenade in a cannon ball

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Sorry & the Sinatras - “Valencia”

Scott Sorry’s post-Wildhearts band Sorry & the Sinatras released a new EP at the first of the month called Kings of Shambles Street. It contains the track “Valencia,” which also appeared on a diabetes fundraising compilation called Heavy Hearts, featuring rare or previously unreleased tracks from a roster of artists that includes The Wildhearts, Michael Monroe, Eureka Machines, Brijitte West, and Jesse Malin. If you visit the Heavy Hearts Bandcamp site hoping to grab the album, you may be out of luck. It looks like it was only being sold for a limited-time. Oh well, at least you can still stream the tracks.

Kings of Shambles Street is definitely still available, and stylistically it doesn’t stray too far from “Valencia” or from the song "Hated Heart" from a couple of years ago, and it includes what sounds like a decent cover of the ‘Mats’ “Bastards of Young.” If Sorry’s gravelly vocals don’t rub you too raw, it might be worth checking out.


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The Wildhearts - “Caprice” (P.H.U.Q.)

I spent all day setting up, arranging, and rearranging my new cube in my new workspace in my new building after having been displaced from my former building for a few days as part of a big department move, and this is the first jam that came up on iTunes shuffle. Nice.