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I’ve been walking on a fine line
Between salvation and suicide

The Biters sounding an awful lot like Thin Lizzy. Even the lyrics have that feel.

Tuk from the Biters with Ace Frehley’s memoir No Regrets, October 25, 2011 at B. B. King’s NYC.
Photo ©2011 Jackie Roman Photography

A really shaky video of The Biters performing “Breaking Your Heart Again” on a really small stage at SXSW 2012.

The Biters perform “Born to Cry” at the Wicker Park Festival in Chicago on 7/24/11

The Biters perform Cheap Trick’s “He’s a Whore” at NYC’s Irving Plaza, September 2011

The Biters cover Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

The Biters - “Born to Cry”

The Biters perform Cheap Trick’s “He’s A Whore” at Irving Plaza in New York City on September 17, 2011

No I Can’t Let You Go

The Biters performs “Melody for Lovers” at The Star Bar in Atlanta, GA

Tired of this song yet? Here’s a live version of “Melody for Lovers” that is a bit faster than you’ve probably heard before with a little surprise in the middle—here’s a hint: it might be just what you needed—and with an extended dual guitar solo jam ending. Nice.


We’ll Never Make It, But We Were Born To Try

The Biters dropped into Lovebird Recording Studios in Indianapolis to record a three-song acoustic-ish set for LaundroMatinee. Here’s the result.

The Biters perform “Melody for Lovers” for LaundroMatinee

The Biters perform “Hang Around” for LaundroMatinee

The Biters perform “Electric Nights” for LaundroMatinee

The Biters perform “Beat Me Baby” and “Ain’t That Easy” at Vinyl in Atlanta, GA on 2/20/2010

The Biters with their cover of “Strutter”

That’s How It Goes When You’re Standing On A Land Mine

The Biters - “Melody for Lovers”

The Biters is one of the best “new” bands that I have discovered this year. Enjoy!

Another Broken Record Playin’ On And On

The Biters perform “Hang Around” on Comcast’s Bands on Demand

Here’s another clip of the Biters’ single “Hang Around.” They seem to be just as good live as they are in the studio.