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Wall-to-Wall Maiden

Adrian Smith guests on That Metal Show

Season after season, fans of VH1’s That Metal Show have requested that a current member of Iron Maiden be included in the roster of guests. Well Eddie Trunk and company have finally landed guitarist Adrian Smith, who appears as the sole guest on episode 4 of the show’s tenth season. Topics discussed include Maiden’s upcoming US tour, how the band picks songs for the setlist from their huge back catalog, fan reactions around the world, and Maiden’s new live DVD En Vivo!, and “The Throwdown” segment pits The Number of the Beast against Piece of Mind.

Also appearing on the show as the guest guitarist was Michael Schenker, who showed up with a little surprise for Eddie. And watch for the King’s X mention during the “Stump the Trunk” section.


Skull Bite!

That Metal Show S10E01: Lars Ulrich, Robb Flynn, & Mike Portnoy

Eddie Trunk and team opened season 10 of That Metal Show with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, who discussed the band’s upcoming Orion Music + More festival, their controversial Lulu collaboration with Lou Reed, and geeking out on bands and music. Machine Head’s Robb Flynn also stopped by to discuss his band’s latest release and touring with Metallica, and Mike Portnoy makes an appearance as the show’s first ever guest drummer, for which he received high praise from Lars.


James Writes 10 Riffs Just Tuning His Guitar

Lars Ulrich guests on That Metal Show

Lars Ulrich was the guest on the final episode of season eight of That Metal Show which aired on October 22. In the show, he discussed his love of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and Deep Purple, Metallica instrumentals, the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Napster debacle of the early 2000s, and Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed for the album Lulu. Also appearing in this episode were guest guitarist Alex Skolnick of Testament and a few surprise guests for the “Stump the Trunk” segment.


Finally An Audience That Likes Us

Watch Rick Nielsen and Graham Bonnet on That Metal Show

Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen was the main guest on the October 17 episode of That Metal Show. Jump to the 10:30 mark to hear him discuss touring with KISS and AC/DC, Cheap Trick’s classic album At Budokan, the band’s quirky sense of humor, and Bun E.’s status. Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Charlie Benante also pay a surprise visit during the “Stump the Trunk” segment.


If You’ve Got A Better Mousetrap, People Will Buy It

dUg Pinnick & Tom Morello guest on That Metal Show

dUg Pinnick and Tom Morello were guests on episode 803 of That Metal Show, which aired on September 3, dUg’s 61st birthday. Since the in-studio guitarist was Tony MacAlpine, the conversation naturally gravitated toward African Americans in hard rock and heavy metal. Other topics included songwriting inspiration, King’s X signing with Megaforce while Eddie was at the label, and dUg’s side projects Tres. Mts. and a new collaboration between him and members of 24-7 Spyz and Fishbone called Anti-N*gger Machine.

I have two thoughts concerning this show. First, why in the world did Eddie and the guys waste so much time on their stupid bits when they had dUg Friggin’ Pinnick right there?! dUg Pinnick! Second, a lot of musicians could take lessons on humility from dUg, who was soft-spoken and just oozed class by not having to jump into every conversation to make a point.

There’s also a special “Stump the Trunk” surprise for Dream Theater fans.


I Can Always Remember Riffs

Legendary Black Sabbath guitarist and founding father of heavy metal Tony Iommi stops by to kick off the eighth season of That Metal Show. Topics discussed include the WhoCares project, the Born Again reissue, his upcoming book, a three-movie deal based on Sabbath’s music, working with the late, great Ronnie James Dio, and the obligatory subject of a possible Black Sabbath reunion.

Def Leppard’s Phil Collen was the in-studio guitarist for this episode, and I can only imagine how nerve-racking it must have been to have to play in the presence of Tony Iommi.

Fast Cars, Clubs, and Betty White

Watch Ace Frehley on the latest episode of That Metal Show

Ace Frehley stops by That Metal Show to discuss music, his legendary pranks, and his new tell-all book. You’ll have to jump to the second segment to catch the Spaceman, and if you stick around, you’ll also hear Billy Sheehan talk about the new Mr. Big album as well as the usual antics from Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson.