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Merlin Mann-erisms

Here’s a list of sayings popularized by—and, as best I as can tell, originating with—Merlin Mann that have been popping up on other podcasts I listen to. Most of these are from Back to Work, the podcast he co-hosts with Dan Benjamin on the mighty 5by5, but some may also have begun on his “other podcast” Roderick on the Line, a show he co-hosts with John Roderick. There are way more of these than I thought at first. I’m seriously thinking of starting a new Tumblr dedicated to them.

  • "Is this the show?"
  • "Is this what people tune in for?"
  • "Where can someone find the show notes for this episode?"
  • "Do you want to tell me about something you like?"
  • "Wanna button this up?"
  • "Oh, look at me…"
  • In his Karl Van Hœt voice: “Erm. So.”
  • "Turns out."
  • "It’s your show."
  • "Big week?"
  • Referring to the chat room members as Jackals.
  • "We’ll cut this out."
  • "We’ll fix this in post." 2
  • "Like a gentleman."
  • "Literally."
  • "Sportsball." Seriously, it’s a thing. Literally.
  • "That’s fine for Merlin." 1
  • "Don’t be creepy."

Are there any Merlin fanatics out there that can think of any others?

Update 9/17/2014:

  • Ding! The bell. How could I have forgotten the bell?!

Update 9/30/2014:

  • "So angry."
  • "Mmmmm." 3
  1. Or Dan, or Marco, or Gruber, or…
  2. As pointed out by long-time listener, first-time caller jaygogh, ‘“We’ll fix this in post” (and variations of it) has been used by David Letterman since at least the late-’80s.’
  3. In response to some kind of insult, criticism, or innuendo.

Rush - “Tom Sawyer”

via merlin:

Man. I’m a sucker for footage of a band recording the actual song.

Me, too, Merlin. Me, too.

Here’s the problem with the Internet. No matter what you say, there’s somebody who has a much stronger and more bizarre opinion about it.

Metallica - “Nothing Else Majeur” from major scaled

Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” digitally reworked with a major scale. Thanks for pointing me in this general direction, Merlin.

Not sure why I’m grooving on this song today, but I’ve already listened twice and watched this video that I reblogged from Merlin way back when. Which lead to this. Which lead to this. Which, unfortunately, has led to me not getting very much done so far today.

I Mean To Quit Stealing As Soon As I Steal For The Last Time

Via Merlin:

John Roderick - “Carparts”

I’m leaving you all of my car parts
I didn’t have the money or I would have gotten roses

Singer, songwriter, journalist, raconteur, opinionated polymath, podcaster, and all-around renaissance man John Roderick performs the song “Carparts” for Adam Pranica at DorsiaFilms. While most (some? a few?) associate this song with Roderick’s band The Long Winters, he explains that it started life as Western State Hurricanes tune.


Nada Surf performs “Waiting for Something” live on KEXP from The Triple Door on 2/2/2012

Finally. Last one.

Again, a hat tip goes to Merlin for turning me onto this excellent concert. Watch the full performance, or dig into the individual clips.

Nada Surf performs “Always Love” live on KEXP from The Triple Door on 2/2/2012

Hate will get you every time

Thanks to Merlin for turning me on to the videos of this performance. Excellent stuff!

Van Halen performs “Unchained” in Oakland, CA in 1981.

Crappy video. Awesome performance.

via Merlin Mann, 5by5, Back to Work, and BULK Bag!

You don’t want everything [that is] in the desktop app. If you want that kind of nonsense go get on Android.
Merlin Mann on well-crafted iOS apps, 34:10 mark of Back to Work 54: Freemium Mason on 5by5

You Put All Your Hope In My Slim Chance

The Long Winters - “Carparts”

Thanks, Merlin.

I’ve seen every lover leave me the same way,
The harder they are the harder I try.
Well, that’s a lie, but I said it with a smile.

Oh, that’s lucky because I have this TARDIS here that should make it nice and easy for me to pop in for exactly 20 minutes and then be back in time to pick my daughter up from school.
Merlin Mann on the hidden costs of accepting low-paying speaking engagements, Back to Work 52: Walk the Coastline, Bitches on 5by5