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Mae - “The Fight Song (Crash and Burn)” ((a)fternoon, 2010)

Do you always have to have the last word?
You will swing and miss and hit the ground and then you’ll crash and burn

Mae - “Boomerang” ((m)orning, 2009)

This back and forth—it gets me going around and ’round

Mae - “Breakdown” (The Everglow, 2005)

Before you say a part of you has died
Remember that the fire is on the inside
mae - “The House That Fire Built” ((m)orning, 2009)

Schematic - Color (n.) Inside the Lines

Former MAE frontman Dave Elkins has made his new solo album Color (n.) Inside the Lines available for streaming via his Schematic SoundCloud channel prior to its public release tomorrow. MAE fans that have been following Dave’s progress on the release through his indiegogo funding campaign and his new multi-dimensional/multi-disciplinary studio/management/label/community project Schematic know to expect more of the same catchy, poppy goodness that fueled his former band—lush soundscapes, layers upon layers of vocal harmonies, and interesting time signatures. There are more electronica elements this time around, but they serve to enhance the songs rather than to monopolize the listener’s attention.

I’ve only given it a cursory listen except for the tracks Dave had already given us sneak peeks of, but I think I’m already sold. I plan to plop down my hard-earned cash when it hits the digital download outlets tomorrow morning, and I’ll probably still be bobbing and dancing in my cube like I have for the last hour. Not very metal, huh?!

Give it a listen, and if you like it, purchase Color (n.) Inside the Lines when it becomes available.

More Dave Elkins goodness. Here’s the first track from his upcoming Color (n.) Inside the Lines album. It sounds quite a lot like his work with MAE, meaning it’s excellent.

Played 29 times

Mae - “Crazy 8s” (Singularity)

Have we reached the end just to find the beginning again?

Olly olly oxen free. New Dave Elkins goodness via Schematic.


Schematic’s new song, Hide & Seek available now!

This Is Schematic

Dave Elkins of Mae shares his vision for Schematic

MAE frontman and guitarist Dave Elkins has embarked on a new venture called Schematic:

Schematic is a microcosm within the music and art industry that relies on grassroots growth through community.

OK, that sounds a little corp-speak-ish, so I’ll try to boil it down for you.

Born out of his frustration of working within the traditional music industry and its one-sided contracts and oftentimes unfair dealings with artists, Elkins has decided to do something to give artists a more level playing field. Part recording studio, part artist management group, part record label, and part online community and social network, Dave’s goal is to allow fans and artists to work together to help each other meet their needs by providing the aforementioned services as well as through a blend of mentoring, collaboration, crowd-funding, etc. that ultimately allows artists to pocket more of their hard-earned money.

And Schematic isn’t just for musicians. Elkins wants graphic artists, film makers, photographers, poets, writers—any artist of any stripe or flavor— to get involved. If you are an artist interested in a new style of business, or if you’re a music fan looking to get involved in the community, check out Schematic.

Oh, and if you’re just interested in helping Dave fund his vision, you can donate to the cause over at his Indiegogo fundraising campaign. If nothing else, visit just for the insightful information on how the traditional music operates and how much money an artist or band member really makes. It will surprise you.