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Jon, David and I were trying to get it together. We couldn’t get hold of Ritchie Blackmore. We sent carrier pigeons and the Pony Express – but nobody at Castle Blackmore answered the door. It wasn’t meant to be.
Glenn Hughes on a Deep Purple Mark III reunion that failed to launch prior to Jon Lord’s death, CBS interview

Deep Purple performs “Space Truckin’” in 1973 with an extended keyboard section by Jon Lord

Deep Purple performs “Child in Time” for a UK television show in 1970

Deep Purple performs “Perfect Strangers” live at the Birmingham NEC on 11/9/1993

One of my favorite Purple songs ever. RIP Jon Lord.

They say that you should never meet your heroes; that they’ll only disappoint you with their egos and their arrogance and their unshakable sense that everything—including you, especially you, writer boy—revolves around them.

But, really, that’s just bollocks. Because for every rock star, football player, author and politician who is like that—and there’s few, believe me—there’s Jon Lord. Jon Lord was a gent.

Lee Marlow, Classic Rock magazine

WhoCares: Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Nicko McBrain, and Tony Iommi in the studio

Everything’s Reduced To Ashes

Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi & Friends - “Out of My Mind”

Eagle Rock Entertainment is promoting tomorrow’s international digital single release of the new Ian Gillan/Tony Iommi project WhoCares: Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi & Friends (more details here) with this video for “Out of My Mind.” The CD/DVD version will hit Europe later this month on May 24, and it will see a North American release on June 27.

Man, this sounds so epic! Although looking very grandfatherly, Ian Gillan sounds great, and I love Tony Iommi’s guitar tone on the solo. I wish these guys would release a whole album’s worth of material and that this wasn’t just a one-off gig.


Who Cares Wins

WhoCares: Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi & Friends

Oh, my. Things just got interesting on the supergroup front.

Tony Iommi has teamed up with former Deep Purple vocalist and Sabbath mate Ian Gillan to record two songs as a benefit to support the rebuilding of a music school in Gyumri, Armenia. Billed as WhoCares: Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi & Friends, the tracks “Out of My Mind” and “Holy Water” will be released on May 6 by earMUSIC, with all proceeds going to fund the rebuilding effort. Accompanying the music will be a documentary detailing Gillan’s and Iommi’s work in Armenia since the early 90’s after that country suffered a devastating earthquake in late 1988 that apparently it is still trying to recover from some twenty-odd years later.

But what’s just as interesting here is that the “Friends” part of the equation includes legendary Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, and guitarist Linde Lindström of HIM. While I wasn’t a big fan of Born Again, the Black Sabbath album on which Gillan handled vocal duties, I have always loved the man’s voice, especially on what was my introduction to him, Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers, released in 1984 during his second stint with the band.

From the earMUSIC press release:

There is no doubt that this is the most impressive rock ensemble ever to release new material in 2011.

Which may well be the most pretentious marketing soundbite of 2011 or the understatement of the year.

I’m hoping for the latter.