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Doug Pinnick with Jol Dantzig, Hamer Guitars co-founder and designer and builder of the very first 12-string bass

Hell’s Half Acre

Hear master guitar builder and Hamer co-founder Jol Dantzig talk about the inspiration and history behind his latest custom build, Hell’s Half Acre. Visit Dantzig’s blog to learn more about what is shaping up to be an amazing-looking guitar.

It Pushed All The Right Buttons For Me

Jol Dantzig on CPTV’s All Things Connecticut

Connecticut PBS affiliate CPTV visited the workshop of luthier and Hamer co-founder Jol Dantzig to discuss guitar building on the station’s “Spotlight on the Arts” segment of All Things Connecticut. Hear Dantzig talk about what got him into guitars and how he is bringing new life to old electrical components.


Every guitar has a personality.
Jol Dantzig, "Soul Searching: The Secret Life of Guitars", Premier Guitar March 2011
Smiling, [Jeff Beck] handed me the guitar to play, which I did (nervously) and it sounded…exactly like me… Edward Van Halen’s former tech Zeke Clark once handed me Eddie’s guitar on the VH stage to play—it sounded like me. Standing onstage at the LA Forum, my fingers on Andy Summers’ fretboard with this vast Pete Cornish pedalboard at my disposal—no dice, I couldn’t conjure the Police.
Guitar designer and builder and Hamer Guitars co-founder Jol Dantzig lending credence to the old adage that guitar tone is in the player’s head, heart, and hands, Premier Guitar, January 2011