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King’s X’s Jerry Gaskill Suffers Heart Attack

World Entertainment, Ashley Talent International, and King’s X, unfortunately have to announce that during a scheduled minor procedure, Jerry Gaskill, has suffered a heart attack during the post operation recovery, and as a result must undergo double bypass surgery within the next 72 hours. Jerry is stable and resting comfortably in the hospital. Due to the circumstances though, King’s X has no other choice than to cancel all upcoming shows, and we hope that after Jerry recovers that we will be able to schedule make up shows in the future. Until then, all info and updates will be posted on all King’s X Sites, and we will keep you all updated on Jerry’s status. - Faith, Hope, Love….King’s X

King’s X live at Stage 48 in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC on 5/8/2013

Photos © 2013, Derek Soto/Sinestra Studios for Next Mosh. Used by permission.

Take a look at some of Derek’s other great concert photography on Flickr.

Happy 55th Birthday, Jerry Gaskill!

It’s kind of a double-edged sword. You want to be successful yet at the same time we have made a place in rock history. We’re respected, and we’re not pressured to write hits. In so many ways that’s better than having all the money.
King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill on not becoming commercially successful, Galloway Patch article
There’s a special bond between the three of us. No matter how long we’ve been apart, they’re my brothers. They’re two of the closest people in my life. We make music that only the three of us can make.
Drummer Jerry Gaskill on his King’s X bandmates, Galloway Patch article

King’s X, Faith Hope Love era

A Special Message from King’s X’s Jerry Gaskill

The Burning Down

King’s X - Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91 Promo

Molken Music announced today the availability of this special digital-download-only title to help defray the cost of medical bills incurred by King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill as the result of the heart attack he suffered on Sunday, February 26. Entitled Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91, the album comes from a soundboard recording of a show on the Faith Hope Love tour and includes the following 14 cuts:

  1. We Are Finding Who We Are
  2. Mission
  3. Far Far Away
  4. We Were Born to Be Loved
  5. It’s Love Intro
  6. It’s Love
  7. I’ll Never Get Tired of You
  8. Visions
  9. Over My Head
  10. Moanjam
  11. The Burning Down
  12. Talk to You (Bonus Track)
  13. Fall on Me (Bonus Track)
  14. Power of Love (Bonus Track)

Head on over to Molken Music and purchase your copy today. All proceeds will go directly to Jerry to help offset his medical care.

Update on Jerry Gaskill

King’s X frontman Doug Pinnick has been tweeting updates on drummer Jerry Gaskill’s condition after having emergency surgery and being hospitalized as the result of a heart attack on Sunday, February 26. Since that time, Gaskill has been sedated and on a ventilator, but he contracted pneumonia and had to have surgery to help him breathe easier after developing another lung issue.

The latest update from Pinnick was this encouraging news just a few hours ago:

Update!! Jerry is much better, he is awake, and getting stronger. Yay!!!

Doug then provided an address for anyone wanting to send cards and get well wishes.

Patient: Jerry Gaskill
Riverview Hospital
1 River Plaza
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Let’s all wish Jerry a speedy recovery and show our support for him, Doug, and Ty.

I have been into music as long as I can remember. I started playing even before The Beatles came to America. And when that happened there was nothing else for me to do. They made it all clear… But the influences continue on till this day. I just learn what I learn when I learn it.
King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill on his influences and how he started playing drums, 2004 interview
There are so many great drummers. But for me I can narrow it down to John Bonham and Buddy Rich. That to me is perfect drumming.
King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill on who he considers to be a great drummer, 2004 interview
It was actually truly, truly amazing to be on this huge stage with all these other incredible acts to follow and go on before us and look out and see an endless sea of people—there was like 300,000 people there—it was amazing. And yet at the same time, it was just the next show on the tour.
Jerry Gaskill on King’s X’s 1994 Woodstock performance, The Paulie Z Show, Ep. 43: “Scholarly Gentlemen” with Jerry Gaskill