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Ginger Wildheart - “Time” (555%, 2012)

Time goes by so fast when you’re getting older…

Ginger Wildheart - “Yeah Yeah Yeah” (Valor del Corazón, 2006)

Hey! Hello! - “Lock for Rock (and Other Sporting Clichés)” (Hey! Hello!!!, 2013)

Say whatever you wanna say, or say nothin’
Either way a cliche is a cliche

I’ve Taken That Picture Off The Wall

Albion commercial release album artwork

Ginger Wildheart has announced that his new PledgeMusic fan-funded album Albion, his seventh album in two short years, will be released to the public as an abbreviated 10-track version on March 31 via Round Records. The album initially carried the moniker Practical Musician, but Ginger changed it back to the original and more majestic working title Albion after realizing the title was a little too “light and juanty an album title to house a track that sounds like My Bloody Valentine by way of Mutation as played by the punk-hearted offspring of the E Street Band.”1

Albion was recorded with the touring band Ginger has been working with since 2012, many of whom were on board for Ginger’s previous PledgeMusic smash success 555% that saw him re-enter the UK Top 20 charts for the first time in 10 years and earned him the Event of the Year award at the Classic Rock Awards in 2012: Victoria Liedtke (vocals), Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst (guitar/vocals), Rich Jones (guitar/vocals), “Random” Jon Poole (bass/vocals), Dean “Denzel” Pearson (drums), and Bryan Scary (keyboards/strings/vocals). The tracklisting for the commercial release will be:

  1. Drive
  2. Cambria
  3. Grow A Pair
  4. Burn This City Down
  5. The Order Of The Dog
  6. Body Parts
  7. The Beat Goes On (Caledonia)
  8. After All You Said About Cowboys
  9. Creepers
  10. Albion

Albion is an epic amalgamation of all things that make Ginger the songwriting genius he is—catchy, poppy melodies; schizophrenic time signature and theme shifts; riffy, thrashy guitars; and arena-ready sing-along rock anthems. And producer Kevin Vanbergen should receive the Magician of the Year award for how he (and Ginger) managed to turn the mountains of recorded material into the final product. Add the aforementioned super-talented musicians to the mix—each bringing his or her own expertise, personality, and special something to the project—and this album should be a huge commercial success. Which surely means it will barely make a ripple in the vast ocean of mediocrity the current music industry has become. But that’s just fine by me. As long as Ginger can make a living making fan-funded albums, I’ll be there to support him.

I’m only about half a dozen listens through the full album in one sitting, but I can tell you you’re missing out on some great material if you don’t spring for the 15-track PledgeMusic version, which is still available at the album’s project page. “The Road to Apple Cross” would have been a perfect fit for Ginger’s and Victoria’s Hey! Hello! project; “Chill Motherf*cker, Chill” is… well, in short, a chill, catchy tune; “I Need You” is just a great pop song; “Captial Anxiety” captures the manic, noisy, thrashy side of Ginger; and if you don’t find yourself humming the sing-along chorus of “Into This” after just one listen, then you just don’t have a soul. And to think these are the “throwaway” songs for the commercial release!

Do yourself a huge favor and grab a copy of Albion today.

Albion PledgeMusic version album artwork

  1. Practical Musician Blog: Practical Musician and Albion, 10/10/2013

Happy Birthday, Ginger Wildheart!

Win Ginger’s Hagström Viking Guitar

Would you like to win Ginger’s Hagström Viking guitar? Of course you would! Some lucky pledger of Ginger’s latest PledgeMusic campaign for the new album Practical Musician will be chosen to win this guitar in a drawing to be held sometime in December.

And if you do win, and you really don’t want it, I know someone who would gladly take it off your hands. Just sayin’.

It doesn’t need to be like anyone else’s album. In fact, the world’s going to be much happier if it’s unique and it’s not like anyone else’s album…
Ginger Wildheart in the studio explaining his vision for the new Ginger Wildheart Band album Practical Musician