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Happy Birthday, Ginger Wildheart!

Every minute that you waste is a minute that you won’t get back
Ginger Wildheart - “Westward Ho! (A New Reputation)” (555%, 2012)
You know how God gave James Hetfield all the best riffs, and then he scattered a few around to the rest of us? Well, I think he gave all the great melodies to Ginger.
Monty Colvin on Ginger’s songwriting genius, Monty’s Rockcast #119
Hey, it’s OK
Not all days can be beautiful days
Hey! Hello! - “Feral Days” (Hey! Hello!, 2013)
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Ginger - “This Is Only A Problem” (Valor Del Corazón)

I’m ten times tougher
I’m ten times smarter
The world’s gonna have to hit me ten times harder to stop me

Thanks for putting this into my head today, Michael!

Bloomberg’s City Central interviews Ginger Wildheart about his wildly successful 555% PledgeMusic project

So glad to see Ginger getting the recognition he deserves.

Carla Mundy captured some excellent shots of Ginger Wildheart & Friends performing at the 2012 Download Festival on 6/9/2012

Photos ©2012, Carla Mundy Photography

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Ginger Wildheart - “Powderkeg” (555%)

And then the crack of thunder drags intention to the ground.
And when the weak are stunned they see only danger all around.

Eargasm. Again.

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Ginger Wildheart - “Beautifully, Blissfully Unsettled” (555%)

I feel unsettled, unhappy, unable to deal
with the commotion and emotion of the motion I feel.
A little bitter, I sit here, the quitter in me,
and he is troubled, unstable and unable to be.