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Happy 60th Birthday, Geddy Lee!
Photo © 2013, Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

Happy 59th Birthday, Geddy Lee!
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I think we just have this crazy, innate drive to get better.
Geddy Lee on what inspires Rush to continue making music, The National interview on CBC

The National's Peter Mansbridge talks with Geddy Lee about Clockwork Angels

A funny thing happened after we were together for about 20 years. Where most bands start to break up, we were kind of becoming intrigued with staying together, because so few stay together, and we wanted to see what the fruits of a long-term, good relationship could do. So here’s a band 38 years on, and we are pushing it. We’re trying to see where we can go as a band.
Geddy Lee on Rush’s longevity, The National interview on CBC

It’s the Hard Reality Sandwich You Get at the End

Classic Rock interviews Geddy Lee on the making of Clockwork Angels

Classic Rock recently interviewed Rush’s Geddy Lee about the band’s latest release Clockwork Angels. In this fan pack video, he talks about the mixing process, working with producer Nick Raskulinecz, how Neil Peart’s approach to recording drums was different for this album, and why “The Garden” is his proudest songwriting accomplishment.


We just kind of figure that our fans would rather see us up there with our technology rather than see us fill up the stage with sidemen.
Rush’s Geddy Lee on the prospect of bringing in extra musicians rather than playing keyboards, working foot pedals, and triggering sequencers while singing and playing bass, The Costco Connection interview
We’re pretty fortunate that we’ve been able to stay together and we still like each other and we still have so much fun together… We do really enjoy what we do together. It’s not a pretense. I think that’s what fails a lot of bands. They really don’t like each other anymore, their egos have clashed numerous times, and they are just doing it to make some money.
Geddy Lee on Rush’s friendship and longevity in a BBC 6 Music News interview prior to the band receiving The Classic Rock Awards’ Living Legend award

Brazil’s TV UOL sits down with Rush’s Geddy Lee to discuss the Time Machine tour, the Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary, the new album Clockwork Angels, and Guitar Hero and Rock Band

I always like to consider us the world’s most popular cult band.
Geddy Lee, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage