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Foo Fighters Sonic Highways HBO teaser

This looks interesting.

The Birds of Satan - “Thanks for the Line”

Debut track from Taylor Hawkins’ new side project The Birds of Satan.

Happy 45th Birthday, Dave Grohl!

Foo Fighters perform “Aurora” on Austin City Limits on September 28, 2008 as part of the Austin City Limits Music Festival

One of my favorites from There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

Great Things Happen When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Off Camera, Episode 7: Dave Grohl

“What could be more simple than just hitting a red button and letting a tape reel f*cking roll?” — Dave Grohl on recording Wasting Light to tape

For episode 7 of Off Camera, a webzine, television show, and podcast, photographer/director and founder Sam Jones sat down with Dave Grohl to discuss a little bit of everything going on his world. Among other things, topics included Dave’s punk background, his main gigs Nirvana and Foo Fighters (of course), the recording of Wasting Light, the filming and recording of the Sound City documentary and companion album, where the music industry is headed, and probably most importantly, working as hard as you can at what you love while keeping things simple.

If video ain’t your thang, you can also read the full interview at the Off Camera site or listen to the podcast version.


Foo Fighters - “Everlong” - 2 Meter Sessions, 1999

You can watch the full video at the 2 Meter Sessions site at Veronica TV.

And did you notice how bored Taylor Hawkins looks?!

Meytal Cohen performs “Everlong” by Foo Fighters

A certain rock ‘n’ roll snob friend of mine turned me onto Meytal Cohen when he posted a clip of her performing Queen of the Stone Age’s “No One Knows”, a song which everyone knows by now features Dave Grohl on the drum kit. Here she is performing another of Dave’s works, and quite possibly my favorite Foo Fighters song ever, “Everlong.”

"Everlong" is a deceptively difficult song (the high hat part is a complete workout by itself), but Meytal makes it look easy, and if you watch her other videos, you’ll discover that she hits just as hard as any male drummer out there.

And she’s way cuter than Dave.

Happy Birthday, Dave Grohl!
Photo © AP/Matt Sayles

Foo Fighters’ Chris Shifflet talks Telecasters, Dead Peasants, and Foo Fighters with Premier Guitar

Foo Fighters perform on Live on Letterman April 12, 2011 at the iconic Ed Sullivan Theater

There Was The Beatles And There Was Everything Else

Sound City: Musical Memories with Pat Smear

Current Foo Fighter Pat Smear remembers when music categorization was much simpler.

Famous Last Words

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl again set the rumor mill in motion with his stage banter during Saturday night’s Global Citizen Festival gig in Central Park. Grohl told the crowd of 60,000 (and the many more watching the event’s live stream):

Without making a big deal out of it, we don’t have any shows after this. This is it, man. This is the show where we come out and we play as many songs as we can in a short period of time, because, honestly, I don’t know when we’re gonna do it again and this is the perfect place to do it, right now, tonight.

This comes on the heels of the kerfuffle caused by a similar statement he made during the Reading Festival earlier this year.

It seems the Foos have been going full steam since the release of Wasting Light in April 2011, and I’m sure Dave’s comments reflect the band’s need for a much-deserved break. I don’t know about you guys, but frankly, as much as I love the Foo Fighters, I wouldn’t mind seeing them go out while they are on top rather than becoming a parody of themselves like so many other bands that should have called it quits years ago.

Then again, Dave might just be jerking everyone’s chain, since he ended the show with the following statement:

I don’t know when, but we’ll see you again.