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The Daves discuss the Sonic Highways HBO show and album on Late Show with David Letterman

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways HBO teaser

This looks interesting.

Happy 45th Birthday, Dave Grohl!

Great Things Happen When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Off Camera, Episode 7: Dave Grohl

“What could be more simple than just hitting a red button and letting a tape reel f*cking roll?” — Dave Grohl on recording Wasting Light to tape

For episode 7 of Off Camera, a webzine, television show, and podcast, photographer/director and founder Sam Jones sat down with Dave Grohl to discuss a little bit of everything going on his world. Among other things, topics included Dave’s punk background, his main gigs Nirvana and Foo Fighters (of course), the recording of Wasting Light, the filming and recording of the Sound City documentary and companion album, where the music industry is headed, and probably most importantly, working as hard as you can at what you love while keeping things simple.

If video ain’t your thang, you can also read the full interview at the Off Camera site or listen to the podcast version.


Making of “From Can to Can’t” for Sound City

Here’s some great studio footage of the recording of the track “From Can to Can’t” that didn’t make the final cut for the Sound City movie. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff, and the footage gave me a few insights:

  • While I don’t care much for Slipknot or Stone Sour, Corey Taylor is a great singer with a powerful voice, and if the video is true, it only took a few takes to get his vocals on tape.
  • Rick Nielsen is arrogant, funny, and awesome.
  • The video should dispel the notion I’ve heard on a couple of podcasts that the Sound City songs were all Dave’s creations with no input from the Sound City Players and that they may have even “phoned in” their contributions to the album.
  • Despite the hype, Butch Vig seems like a really cool guy to work with.
  • I wish there had been more of this kind of footage in Sound City. Maybe a follow-up “making of” film, Dave?!


Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme - “A Trick with No Sleeve” from the Sound City soundtrack Real to Reel

Best comment on this video at YouTube:

Josh Homme has aged considerably in this vid and is surprisingly good at magic.


Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Trent Reznor laying down the music for “Mantra” from the Sound City documentary

The Sound City Players featuring Rick Springfield perform “The Man That Never Was” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Man, I love me some Rick Springfield.

Never go to the party if you think you won’t come home
Sound City Players (featuring Stevie Nicks, Rami Jaffee) - “You Can’t Fix This” (Sound City: Real to Reel, 2013)

Dave Grohl on directing Soundgarden’s “By Crooked Steps” video

Dave Grohl discusses all things Sound City on Late Show with David Letterman

And how awesome is the Late Show band?! They play the Foos’ “Everlong,” complete with horns, as Dave comes on stage, and in the outro, they break into King’s X’s “We Were Born to be Loved.”