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"Wicker Man" from Iron Maiden’s En Vivo! DVD release

Mae - “Suspension (Live),” (e)vening DVD

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The Cars perform “Bye Bye Love” for Musikladen in 1979

In 1979, The Cars performed live at Radio Bremen studios in Germany for the music series Musikladen (or, “the music shop”), which according to (the mostly reliable) Wikipedia, was a continuation of the 60s program Beat-Club. The show was aired on June 7 and in 2000 was released on DVD as The Cars Live - Musikladen 1979. According to the marketing materials, it is “a rare record of The Cars one and only tour of Europe.”

I have seen a few clips from the concert floating around on YouTube, and most of them are of the same caliber as this performance of “Bye Bye Love.” If you’re a Cars fan, this might be worth picking up.