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I’ll give you answers to the questions you have yet to ask
Collective Soul - Collective Soul (1995)
Right after we got signed, they sent us to Houston, Texas, to play at Goat’s Head Soup. We got to hang out with King’s X that night.
Collective Soul’s Ed Roland at June 1 Houston House of Blues show, Houston Press review
I don’t believe in the sorcerers or the preachers
I just believe in you
I don’t believe in the scholars or the wise men
I just believe in you
Collective Soul - “Untitled” (Collective Soul, 1995)

As Southern As Sweet Tea

Ed Roland and the Sweet Tea Project

Apparently Ed Roland has been brewing up something called the Sweet Tea Project for awhile now (Ha! Get it? Get it?!), but I just recently became privy to it via the Gretsch Guitars YouTube channel. The Collective Soul founder and frontman has joined up with a group of long-time friends to create music in the relaxed family atmosphere of his Atlanta home. The new album Devils ‘n Darlins has been complete for some time, but according to the Sweet Tea Project Facebook page, its release is “still on hold until the planets most surely line up,” and the band plans to announce 2012 tour dates soon. The clips I have heard have a more organic feel than Collective Soul, bordering on what all the cool kids call “roots rock,” but retains Ed’s unmistakeable voice.

Enjoy this “meet the band” playlist from project member Christopher Alan Yate's YouTube channel.

Following King’s X around, we were such big fans, a big deal to us. We were following them until they turned around and said ‘what do you want?’
Collective Soul’s Ed Roland on what he remembers most from Woodstock ‘94, interview