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Coheed & Cambria Rig Rundown

Premier Guitar’s Rebecca Dirks catches up with Claudio Sanchez’s guitar tech and Travis Stever for a run-through of the guitars, amps, and effects Coheed & Cambria are using on tour.

Oh, and Gibson Explorer. Coolest. Guitar. Ever.

Please Accept This As My Resignation

Coheed & Cambria - “Sentry the Defiant”

What was it about Valentine’s Day (and the few days surrounding it) that made so many bands show its fans some love this year? Ginger did it. The Mars Volta did it. And I just found out that Coheed & Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez did it, too—released new music that is.

Sanchez fired up his guitar cam to give us all an acoustic sneak peek at the new song he is working on for the band’s as yet untitled sixth album. The song is “Sentry the Defiant,” and the Coheed frontman says of the video version on the band’s YouTube channel, “This is literally the first time I played the song through in its entirety.” It will come as no surprise that the new release will be another concept album—does Claudio do anything else?—and will be another Amory Wars prequel set further in the past and “will hint and influence the pre-existing saga.”

My first impressions of the song? Freakin’ awesome. And how low can you tune an acoustic guitar before the strings go all flappy on you?