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All the best metal bands are punk bands really.
People think pop music is a bad thing. I don’t think it is. Loads of the best music is pop music. Pop music is great.

A Guitar Lesson with Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst - “Zero Hero”

All the best metal bands are really punks. When they forget that, that’s when they start sucking.
Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst, Über Röck Midnite Mixtape Massacre interview
It’s really sad that a band like Queen probably wouldn’t be given time of day now. Their tunes are so brilliantly weird and interesting while retaining amazing pop hooks and camp drama aplenty.
Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst, Über Röck Midnite Mixtape Massacre interview
It’s a shame that the word ‘pop’ is now seen as dirty by so many.
Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst, Über Röck Midnite Mixtape Massacre interview
Bear in mind that they went from ‘Please Please Me’ to ‘I Am The Walrus’ in four years, without the huge musical tapestry for a backdrop that we all take for granted nowadays.
Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst on the evolution of the Beatles’ sound, Über Röck Midnite Mixtape Massacre interview

Deconstruct Everything That’s Great

Eureka Machines - “None of the Above”

Eureka Machines frontman Chris Catalyst tweeted this yesterday:

Made my 1st music video today. It’s basically Ceefax on a budget of one KitKat Chunky but I like it. Quite funny, anyway. Show you it later.

Yes, it’s for the new track “None of the Above” he debuted earlier in the week and that I featured here yesterday. And yes, in true Eureka Machines fashion, it’s a brilliant jab at all the lyric videos floating around these days.

And, yes, I’m going to keep talking about Eureka Machines until you give in and pledge for their new album. Get goin’.

Eureka Machines’ Chris Catalyst gives us an update on the band’s new album due out in early March. This thing is shaping up to be monster release. All the sneak peeks we pledgers are getting are awesome. I’m getting excited to hear the whole album.

What’s that? You haven’t pledged yet?! What are you waiting for?!

We’re Not About To Go Drum & Bass On You

Eureka Machines PledgeMusic promo video

I don’t think I’ve been shy in expressing my undying love for Chris Catalyst and Eureka Machines around here. Having been a part of Ginger Wildheart’s wildly successful PledgeMusic campaign, which resulted in 555% (one of my favorite albums of 2012, by the way), Catalyst has taken his band down that same “totally independent entity” path with a PledgeMusic campaign of his own. Apparently, the new album is already written, and according to Chris, it’s “more of the same: big guitars, big drums, and nice tunes.”

More of the same, you say?! Count me in!

The project launched at 7:00pm yesterday and was fully funded before midnight. As of this moment, the project has reached 173% of the goal with 374 pledgers. It looks like this one might be nearly as successful as Ginger’s. Also, if you are the charitable type, 10% of all proceeds go to the Tim Smith Fund, set up to help offset medical bills incurred by the Cardiacs frontman who suffered a combined heart attack and stroke in 2008.

Head on over and make your pledge. If you’re into “a hearty mix of POP in capital letters with punk spirit, big guitars and loads of harmonies,” you won’t be sorry.