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You Got To Be Twice As Good

ANM - “Underdog”

Here’s another demo from the as yet unreleased first album from the black “supergroup” Anti Nigger Machine, or ANM, fronted by King’s X’s Doug (dUg) Pinnick and featuring former and current members of 24-7 Spyz, Fishbone, and Sound Barrier.

Life’s A Circus

ANM - “Clown’s Dichotomy”

Borrowing its name from a Public Enemy track and staking its claim as the “first black supergroup,” Anti Nigger Machine (or more palatably, ANM) sports an all-star lineup of musicians that most folks have probably never heard of:

  • dUg Pinnick (King’s X): vocals
  • Jimi Hazel (24-7 Spyz): guitar, vocals
  • Rick Skatore (24-7 Spyz): bass, vocals
  • Spacey T (Sound Barrier, Fishbone): guitar, vocals
  • Greg Fulton (Cyclone Temple, Rebels Without Applause): guitar, vocals
  • Phil D. Fish (Fishbone, Wicked Wisdom): drums, percussion

The details are a bit sketchy, but apparently ANM convened sometime in late 2009 to begin writing for an album that was expected to hit the streets in mid-2010. I can only assume that with band name containing “the n-word,” the search for a label home was a little more difficult than the guys had expected amid the climate of a music industry collapsing in on itself. One has to wonder why they didn’t just release the album independently rather than bothering to shop it around. Regardless, the end result is a mix of funk, metal, and 70s rock that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with this collection of musicians. Hopefully the album will see the light of day sometime soon.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t feeling the verse sections of “Clown’s Dichotomy” at first, but by the time I had reached the bridge the second time, I was bobbing my head to the groove ANM was laying down. Nice.


If You’ve Got A Better Mousetrap, People Will Buy It

dUg Pinnick & Tom Morello guest on That Metal Show

dUg Pinnick and Tom Morello were guests on episode 803 of That Metal Show, which aired on September 3, dUg’s 61st birthday. Since the in-studio guitarist was Tony MacAlpine, the conversation naturally gravitated toward African Americans in hard rock and heavy metal. Other topics included songwriting inspiration, King’s X signing with Megaforce while Eddie was at the label, and dUg’s side projects Tres. Mts. and a new collaboration between him and members of 24-7 Spyz and Fishbone called Anti-N*gger Machine.

I have two thoughts concerning this show. First, why in the world did Eddie and the guys waste so much time on their stupid bits when they had dUg Friggin’ Pinnick right there?! dUg Pinnick! Second, a lot of musicians could take lessons on humility from dUg, who was soft-spoken and just oozed class by not having to jump into every conversation to make a point.

There’s also a special “Stump the Trunk” surprise for Dream Theater fans.