King’s X performs “Summerland” from the Live Love in London DVD, filmed at The Electric Ballroom in Camden, London on 1/22/2009

Not sure how long this will stay up…

Update 7/13/2012:
Johnnyc115 brings up an excellent point in his Disqus comment. Live Love in London is a commercially released DVD, and as such, is copyrighted material that should not have been posted to YouTube by classicmacvideo. I struggled with whether or not to include this clip on my blog, but since my intent was to help spread the word about this excellent performance and not to prevent my favorite band from making money (notice that there is no link to a torrent to illegally download the full video, nor did I embed multiple clips), I decided to post it. Admittedly, this is a very weak argument, and I would most definitely remove the video if I thought it somehow hurt DVD sales or if approached by the band, its management, or its label. The last thing I want to do is to negatively impact King’s X, a band that has struggled enough over the years for its success.

So if you like this performance (and how could you not?!), go buy the 2-CD/1-DVD deluxe edition at


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