We played our hearts out. We always did. We’ve never not given 120%.
dUg Pinnick on playing to three people in clubs on the Out of the Silent Planet tour, Rick Davenport’s Rock Show

Fact or fiction? Or friction? Maybe faction?! Whatever the case, Scott Ian gives us the lowdown on Loudwire’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

My career started at 38, so I always try to tell people don’t give up on it if you believe. Just keep doing it.
I was so sick of trying to figure out what people wanted to hear. One day I just woke up and said, “I’m not gonna play that game. I’m gonna write whatever the heck I feel like. Whatever comes out is whatever comes out, and that’s gonna be that.”
Ty Tabor on his songwriting mindset for King’s X, Rich Davenport’s Rock Show

Ty Tabor - “Change” (Nobody Wins When Nobody Plays, 2013)

Ty Tabor - Nobody Wins When Nobody Plays (2013)

Why in the world did I wait so long to buy this?!

The foundation has got to be a solid platform that you can stand on and speak to these kids and say, “This is the way you build yourself. If you build yourself this way, and handle yourself this way, and have character, you get to play football.” And winning will take care of itself, because young men of character and discipline and commitment end up winning in life, and they end up winning in football. Well, when you flip it, and the foundation of what you’re doing is football, and then you hope all that other stuff follows, well then you think football builds character, which it does not. Football reveals character.
Bill Courtney, Manassas High School head football coach 2002–2009, Undefeated
Being a rock star provided access to people and relationships I would never have known otherwise.
Try using will-power when you have diarrhea.
Ace Frehley on using will-power when dealing with addiction, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech
There’s been a lot of pressure on [the Rock Hall] to induct us over the years, and they resisted. We could’ve been inducted 15 years ago. You’re eligible after 25 years as a band, but they waited 40. Sooner or later, it doesn’t matter to me. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a big honor and I plan to have a good time.
Ace Frehley on KISS’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Noisy interview

Dave Ellefson and Frank Bello talk bass gear with Sweetwater Music’s Mitch Gallagher for the Guitars & Gear series

Yep. More bass.

Frank Bello sets the record straight on Loudwire’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

Looks like it’s a bass kinda day, huh?

The Bass Will Control The Band If You Do It Right

dUg Pinnick and Dave Ellefson talk bottom end on Fuse TV’s newest digital-only series Metalhead to Head.

Metalhead to Head: dUg Pinnick and Dave Ellefson

Metalhead to Head: dUg Pinnick and Dave Ellefson Part 2