The Biters perform at Metro Gallery, Baltimore on 9/16/2014


  • "Melody for Lovers
  • "Hold On"
  • "Saturday Night Cat Fight"

Joe Satriani performs “Unstoppable Momentum” live on Front & Center at the Iridium Jazz Club in NYC

Joe’s band is rounded out by Marco Minnemann on drums, bassist Bryan Beller, and Mike Keneally on keys and guitar, each of whom has a résumé as long as my arm.


Steve Conte NYC - “Rock and Rye Queen” (Steve Conte NYC, 2014)

Transatlantic - “Black As The Sky” (KaLIVEoscope DVD, 2014)

Nada Surf performs a live acoustic set from the Bumbershoot Music Lounge on 9/1/2014 courtesy of KEXP 90.3 FM

I like electrified Nada Surf, but I love acoustic Nada Surf.

Set list:

  • Jules and Jim
  • 80 Windows
  • Concrete Bed
  • What Is Your Secret? (guest background vocals by John Roderick)
  • See These Bones
  • When I Was Young

The Fletchers - “Hideaway House” (Reset the Dial, 2014)

Nice little slice of power pop from a band I’ve never heard of. Thanks, Popdose!

Jonathan Coulton - “My Beige Bear” (The Aftermath, 2007)

Ace Frehley at Guitar Center

Ace Frehley graced us with his legendary presence at the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room where he talked about what it feels like to play music, his musical beginnings, and his relationship with Gibson and the Les Paul. Be sure to check out Ace’s latest album “Space Invader” at

Nada Surf performs “What Is Your Secret?” with John Roderick on backup vocals live at Bumbershoot in Seattle on 9/1/2014

Megadeth - “Back in the Day” (The System Has Failed, 2004)

Some great old footage and photographs from Dave’s stint in Metallica and the various incarnations of Megadeth. Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The System Has Failed, the video was created in 2005 but never made available until now.


Happy 53rd Birthday, Ty Tabor!

Photo © 2014, Jimmy Fuson

Merlin Mann-erisms

Here’s a list of sayings popularized by—and, as best I as can tell, originating with—Merlin Mann that have been popping up on other podcasts I listen to. Most of these are from Back to Work, the podcast he co-hosts with Dan Benjamin on the mighty 5by5, but some may also have begun on his “other podcast” Roderick on the Line, a show he co-hosts with John Roderick. There are way more of these than I thought at first. I’m seriously thinking of starting a new Tumblr dedicated to them.

  • "Is this the show?"
  • "Is this what people tune in for?"
  • "Where can someone find the show notes for this episode?"
  • "Do you want to tell me about something you like?"
  • "Wanna button this up?"
  • "Oh, look at me…"
  • In his Karl Van Hœt voice: “Erm. So.”
  • "Turns out."
  • "It’s your show."
  • "Big week?"
  • Referring to the chat room members as Jackals.
  • "We’ll cut this out."
  • "We’ll fix this in post." 2
  • "Like a gentleman."
  • "Literally."
  • "Sportsball." Seriously, it’s a thing. Literally.
  • "That’s fine for Merlin." 1
  • "Don’t be creepy."

Are there any Merlin fanatics out there that can think of any others?

Update 9/17/2014:

  • Ding! The bell. How could I have forgotten the bell?!

Update 9/30/2014:

  • "So angry."
  • "Mmmmm." 3
  1. Or Dan, or Marco, or Gruber, or…
  2. As pointed out by long-time listener, first-time caller jaygogh, ‘“We’ll fix this in post” (and variations of it) has been used by David Letterman since at least the late-’80s.’
  3. In response to some kind of insult, criticism, or innuendo.
Life used to be so hard.
Get off my yard.
Bob Mould - “Hey Mr. Grey” (Beauty & Ruin, 2014)