Merlin Mann-erisms

Here’s a list of sayings popularized by—and, as best I as can tell, originating with—Merlin Mann that have been popping up on other podcasts I listen to. Most of these are from Back to Work, the podcast he co-hosts with Dan Benjamin on the mighty 5by5, but some may also have begun on his “other podcast” Roderick on the Line, a show he co-hosts with John Roderick. There are way more of these than I thought at first. I’m seriously thinking of starting a new Tumblr dedicated to them.

  • "Is this the show?"
  • "Is this what people tune in for?"
  • "Where can someone find the show notes for this episode?"
  • "Do you want to tell me about something you like?"
  • "Wanna button this up?"
  • "Oh, look at me…"
  • In his Karl Van Hœt voice: “Erm. So.”
  • "Turns out."
  • "It’s your show."
  • "Big week?"
  • Referring to the chat room members as Jackals.
  • "We’ll cut this out."
  • "We’ll fix this in post."
  • "Like a gentleman."
  • "Literally."
  • "Sportsball." Seriously, it’s a thing. Literally.
  • "That’s fine for Merlin (or Dan, or Marco, or Gruber, or…)."
  • "Don’t be creepy."

Are there any Merlin fanatics out there that can think of any others?

Life used to be so hard.
Get off my yard.
Bob Mould - “Hey Mr. Grey” (Beauty & Ruin, 2014)

King’s X’s Jerry Gaskill Suffers Heart Attack

World Entertainment, Ashley Talent International, and King’s X, unfortunately have to announce that during a scheduled minor procedure, Jerry Gaskill, has suffered a heart attack during the post operation recovery, and as a result must undergo double bypass surgery within the next 72 hours. Jerry is stable and resting comfortably in the hospital. Due to the circumstances though, King’s X has no other choice than to cancel all upcoming shows, and we hope that after Jerry recovers that we will be able to schedule make up shows in the future. Until then, all info and updates will be posted on all King’s X Sites, and we will keep you all updated on Jerry’s status. - Faith, Hope, Love….King’s X

Bob Mould: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Bob Mould came alone, except for his 1987 Lake Placid Blue Fender Stratocaster. We provided the Epiphone Blues Custom 30 amp, which he promptly cranked. Needless to say, he announced his own Tiny Desk Concert without using the paging system.

Mould isn’t a shy man — his power chords will tell you that — but he’s humble and gentle. Many know Mould from his days with Hüsker Dü, an awesome punkish band from Minnesota that laid the groundwork for the Pixies and more. His subsequent work with Sugar managed to do something none of his other records did so well: Copper Blue sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Beauty and Ruin is solo album No. 11 for Mould, and as you can hear from these songs, he’s all amped up and ready to go. Sweaty and happy, he makes “Makes No Sense At All” his final calling card — classic Hüsker Dü.

Set List:

  • "The War"
  • "I Don’t Know You Anymore"
  • "Hey Mr. Grey"
  • "Makes No Sense At All"

Amazon September $5 Albums

Here’s a sampling of the excellent selection of $5 albums Amazon is pushing this month. If these aren’t your thing, then there are many more to choose from.

Anthrax - “A Skeleton in the Closet” (Chile on Hell DVD, 2014)

Great song, great sound, and former Shadows Fall guitarist Jonathan Donais does an admirable job at mimicking Danny Spitz’s solo, but he definitely needs to loosen up and move a little more. And I very nearly had a seizure from all the fast-cut split-screen nonsense.

The Replacements perform “Alex Chilton” on The Tonight Show

This is the ’Mats’ first TV appearance together in over 25 years. Guitarist Dave Minehan and drummer Josh Freese round out the line-up.

via Rock ’N’ Roll Snob

Tommy Emmanuel Rig Rundown

Premier Guitar's John Bohlinger met with Tommy Emmanuel, AM, CGP at Artisan Guitars in Franklin, TN for an epic 43-minute one-on-one rundown of his gear. They discussed his signature Australian-built Maton guitars, the sparse gear he uses to get his huge sound (a Boss TU tuner, an AER Pocket Tools Colourizer, and an AER Compact 60 amp, just in case you’re wondering), and his real secret weapons: his hands and soundman Steve Law. We also get a taste of Tommy’s immaculate playing as he talked about his style and how it and his gear inform one another.

Tommy has to be one of the nicest and most humble guys in the business, mostly because he doesn’t see it as a business but as his life’s mission and purpose. If you have the time, I highly recommend watching the entire interview.


Nickel Creek: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Check out the pipes on Sara Effing Watkins on the opening song “Destination.”

Nickel Creek was made to sing and play around a single microphone, so a Tiny Desk Concert seemed inevitable. All it took was a reunion tour — celebrating 25 years of Nickel Creek — to make it happen.

All three of the band’s remarkably talented core members have been to the Tiny Desk before. Chris Thile is a veteran, having played the Tiny Desk with friend and guitarist Michael Daves, then later in the same year with Yo-Yo Ma and others in a project known as Goat Rodeo. When The Decemberists performed a Tiny Desk Concert, Sara Watkins was there to play her fiddle and sing. Her brother, Sean Watkins, was also at the NPR offices earlier this year with the marvelous singer Tom Brosseau.

The trio, backed here by bassist Mark Schatz, has no equal. Nickel Creek has been doing this on and off since its members were kids, and what blows me away is the comfort and ease with which they navigate their instruments. That skill, and the creative force behind it, is a joy and a thrill to witness.

Set List:

  • "Destination"
  • "Rest Of My Life"
  • "21st Of May"
  • "Elephant In The Corn"
Happy 64th Birthday, dUg Pinnick!

Happy 64th Birthday, dUg Pinnick!

Bob Mould performs “Hey Mr. Grey” on Jimmy Kimmel Live